We stand by our unparalleled Standards of Excellence and Core Processes for Delivery and Safety. We are proud to call this the Cory Way.

Delivery Process

Delivery Performance:

Clients and customers expect and demand deliveries to be on time, on budget and on specification. At Cory we measure our performance every day and give our delivery teams and staff the opportunity to earn monthly bonuses based upon statistical performance, customer feedback, claims ratio, and safety performance.

Delivery Fleet:

A top priority is to make a good first impression with your customers as a Cory vehicle arrives at their residence. We operate clean, state-of-the-art vehicles with hard wood floors, air-conditioned cabs and air- ride suspensions, and they are designed and equipped to specifically handle home furnishings, appliances and electronics.

Our preventative maintenance programs, safety policies, and D.O.T compliance records are impeccably maintained and constantly monitored. The Cory fleet of over 500 clean, state-of-the-art delivery trucks is one of the youngest in the industry as we are constantly updating it.

Safety Performance:

Under the direction of our Safety Department, Cory takes an aggressive approach to safety in order to protect the public, our client’s brand and all assets. We use many methods to minimize risk and insurance costs that we pass along to our clients.

The Cory safety program includes, but is not limited to, the following measures:

  • Continuous Motor Vehicle Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Drug testing pools for both CDL and Non-CDL Cory drivers.
  • Monthly third party monitoring of MVR activity in a majority of the states Cory services.
  • Weekly review of any and all accidents or incidents by an internal Accident/Incident Committee.
  • Monthly safety meeting involving the entire Cory organization.
  • SafetyFirst! monitoring services.
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting of roadside inspections through FMSCA website.
  • Random and scheduled compliance reviews conducted on a continual basis.
  • Yearly management training courses for operational staff.
  • Utilization of programs from state certified agencies.
  • Incentive programs for clean inspections and accident free drivers.
  • CSA 2010 Compliant.