Here is what a few of our clients and customers have said about their delivery experience with Cory this year:

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My overall experience From the time the delivery was scheduled until the day my furniture was delivered was great. Cory is right on the money!

Darvin Furniture

Two delivery men were very clean and professional. Whole experience was great.

- A Happy Darvin customer

Darvin Furniture

Saludos, en la orden 1567448 se entrego el color del sofa cama

por error del vendedor ya se resolvio el problema se le cambiara el sabado. Lo que quiero notificar que ademas que el cliente estaba bien molesto me hablo exelente de los empleados de cory que le entregaron dijo que fueron muy diligente y responsables, y gracias a eso acepto que se le entregara de nuevo.

Gracias por eso buen trabajo a los muchachos!!!!


Muy buenos dias,

clienta muy complasida con el trabajo, servicio y profesionalismo que tuvo el camionero de la ruta 108 para 8. camionero edgardo fueron excelente, tuvieron que sacar la puerta pasaron trabajo, camionero muy impresionante, clnta muy encantada con el servicio del dia de hoy 7-3-13 por que tuvieron que pasar por areas angosta y subir 3 escaleras.

Muchas gracias,
Jonathan Arzola Serrano
Servicio al Cliente


Huge shout out to Jorge and Jorge for their prompt delivery of our new sectional .

Nicole Stauber
Contact Center Lead

Crate&Barrel / CB2

My delivery experience was second to none. The delivery crew delivered a queen size mattress set and a sofa to my 2nd floor apartment and was in and out in approximately 10 minutes, start to finish. My delivery was scheduled between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. The crew arrived with my new furniture shortly after 10:00 and was very fast, yet totally professional and unpacked everything and set them up before asking the question, Is there anything else I can do to make your Macy's delivery an outstanding experience? I was VERY impressed by both their timely arrival and how fast they worked when they arrived. By far the best I've had thus far in all my delivery experiences.
Michael Genest


Hi Team,
Guest just call in to compliment truck 1  on so# 1625860.

Guest very happy with service he was provided today with delivery team, guest advise they were very careful, polite  and respectful.

They came in introduce themselves , ask where she want them to set up her furniture and clean up after making her delivery.

Guest further advise she will recommend  our company to all her friends and family due to service she receive today.

Bibi Persaud
Assistant Guest Services Manager

Ashley Furniture Home Store

Just wanted to pass along a compliment. When I was in the Boca Raton design center on Thursday, Design Consultant Mark Hancock returned from an installation and raved about the level of service provided. Although Mark's tenure is not lengthy with Ethan Allen, he has been in this business for many years so has significant experience to base his evaluation upon. I believe the client's name is Bosco and Ricky was the lead driver. Thank you for the continued level of service which you provide us.
David R. Burton
Managing Director
 Florida Region


Good afternoon!
I am writing to you about Friendswood client Betty Duvall. She had her Hyde sofa delivered yesterday (10/17) out in Baytown. She called to tell me how pleased she was with her delivery experience. She said the "young men" were courteous, professional, accommodating and "well groomed". 🙂

It was important to her that I pass this information along and that the guys know that they did a great job and she was very happy with their service. She said so often we hear about the bad stuff and rarely the good stuff. She wanted to take the time to send her praise.

I do not know who was on the route that day but they deserve a pat on the back and tell them to keep up the good work!!

Have a fantastic day!
Pam Rivera
Design Center Manager

Georgetown Manor Inc.
 An Authorized Ethan Allen Retailer
Pam Rivera
Design Center Manager

I thought that you would like to know that the two delivery men that Baer's sent to our house on Friday, 09 August, did a very good  job. Mariano and Pablo arrived on time, unloaded the four chairs quickly, and took care not to damage them as they set them in their proper place. They folded their blankets promptly and removed all the trash.  They were courteous, had a good sense of humor, and enjoyed their jobs.  You are lucky to have them.

Customer of Baer's Furniture Store
Martin Taylor

Good Day,
The customer Jackie Eads informed to the store the drivers from the truck 498 were excellent workers and that they were very helpful and professional. She had an incredible service and requested to please notify the department about these gentlemen's performance.

A WOW for the truck 498 !! Thank you and have a pleasant day.

Guillianny Rebolledo
Customer Care Agent

El Dorado Furniture

Hi, I just wanted to say how happy I was with my delivery this past Sunday. The delivery guys went out of their way to get the Faulkner piece into my house, a bit of a struggle but it worked. I don’t think they knew I was an employee until after I said that I would email you guys to say what a great job they did. This kind of service is what makes our customers happy. Thanks again.

Crate & Barrel

This is to let you know that the sofa-bed was delivered this afternoon. It is precisely what we had expected. Thank you. I would like to express my appreciation to Ricardo, the lead delivery person for doing a commendable job placing the article in our TV room and for being prompt and very professional. Nena and I agree it was worth waiting for the sofa bed.

Ethan Allen