Many delivery companies talk about performing white-glove delivery services.  In reality involves more than simply wearing white gloves when bringing furniture, electronics or appliances into the home. True white-glove delivery is about customers feeling that the level of service they receive exceeds expectations. It is about feeling pleased that the delivery professionals took the time to explain the delivery process and about feeling safe in their home. It’s about not feeling rushed for the delivery to be completed as well as feeling grateful to the delivery team for placing the blanket-wrapped product where desired and taking away any packaging.

At Cory, we know that home delivery often represents the final point of contact with the customer. As ambassadors for your brand, we offer:

  • Clean, well maintained vehicles, driven by extensively trained, uniformed drivers, each of whom has been subject to thorough background checks, and a stringent selection process
  • Routing, scheduling, dispatch and managerial capabilities, all tailored to the needs of your business
  • Pre call, courtesy call, and post-delivery follow up

Our trucks can display your company’s colors, logo and information, so the experience will be seamless to your customers.  In addition, a Cory on-site manager is stationed at your distribution center and works in partnership with your distribution center manager.  Our teams have been trained to deliver furniture, electronics and other household items and manage every possible unique delivery or pick-up circumstance.

At Cory, we also pride ourselves on the technology used to ensure the delivery process is smooth from start to finish, both for our clients and the end customer.

 Technology Capabilities for Home Delivery

  • Web based Routing  and Dispatch solution in the cloud
  • Cutting edge virtual infrastructure, robust mail server and DR plan with our own SharePoint intranet, secured network and 24/7 help desk
  • Accurate load information and more consistent loads
  • System calculates miles and ETA times utilizing the road network
  • Tracks real time statuses like arrival and departure of the drivers
  • Continuously recalculates ETA’s throughout the day based on driver’s real time position
  • Accepts real time route changes (insertion, edits, deletions)
  • Multi-picture capture of merchandise with hand held tablets during delivery

Our White Glove Delivery Services have received numerous awards, including the Best Buy Home Delivery Partner of the Year award in 2009.

Cory has also been named “Carrier of the Year” by:

  • Best Buy
  • Macy’s
  • Rooms-To-Go
  • Bob’s Discount Furniture
  • The BonTon Group