Home Delivery Explained

Large-Product Home Delivery Explained

Large-product last-mile delivery is unlike any other home delivery service. The logistics demand increased customer communications. A positive experience must be delivered at every customer touchpoint: from coordinating product delivery to the product arrival experience at the customer’s home. Cory has the expertise, technology, size and flexibility to deliver a remarkable customer experience while also meeting nearly all large-product delivery requirements.

Outsourced Warehouse & Distribution Logistics Management

Retailers who operate warehouses seek to streamline operations through outsourcing their warehouse and logistics operations.

Dedicated Warehouse Services

Deliveries from a warehouse operated by a 3PL executes warehouse and distribution services exclusively on your behalf.

Commingled Warehouse Services

Deliveries from a warehouse operated by a 3PL. Clients share warehouse space. Co-mingled warehouse services are favored by on-line and high-end furniture retailers. Product delivery trucks can be exclusive to each client; however co-mingled deliveries on trucks delivering according to zip code routing benefits all retailers.

Store Delivery

For those retailers with outlets holding inventory, a 3PL provides logistics and delivery directly from the store to the customer's home and can provide store replenishment and set-up as needed.

Demountable and Pup Delivery

For retailers requiring deliveries to remote locations or smaller markets, a truck with a demountable body filled with product is dispatched to a remote location. The body is demounted and a waiting empty demountable body is trucked back to the warehouse. A local driver with a demountable power unit picks up the demountable and makes last mile deliveries.

A "pup" is a 40' delivery trailer pulled by a tractor. The pup trailer is detached and parked in a secure location. A local last-mile delivery professional with a day tractor picks up the pup and makes deliveries then returns the empty pup for its pick up and return to the warehouse.

Moffett Delivery

A flatbed truck with a motorized pallet jack, perfect for home construction products.

Aligning Last-Mile Delivery with Your Brand Experience

From customer call-centers to product arrival and installation, every customer touchpoint must align with your brand. There are a variety of delivery options that achieve this:

Threshold Delivery

Delivery to the entrance of the home.

Room of Choice

Delivery to the room of choice at the home.

White Glove

Products are opened and inspected prior to delivery. Any blemish or repair needed are made by on-site craftsmen prior to release for delivery. Products are then blanket wrapped and delivered.

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